Photo: Roswitha Chesher, GDIF

“Dandyism” is inspired by the gentlemen of the Congo. The appropriation of the 18th Century French and English Dandy’s flamboyance by African men was a defence and a provocation against slavery, described by some as a resistance movement.  By the 1960’s African Dandyism had become a phenomenon. Through my choreography I want to embody the raw and unrefined energy and expressive dynamism of dance originating in East Africa. I want to celebrate life and cool as well as express a concern for humanism, gender and identity in our increasingly divided society.  “Dandyism” is an expression of individuality.  It is a statement of how African culture has and continues to influence Western culture and it says “we are here”.

The Guardian review, Sunday 29th August 2021


"....... with snazzy costumes, Patrick Ziza’s Dandyism presents the style of Congolese Sapeurs, outrageously well-dressed men (and women), often defying their circumstances in dandyish fashions, sharp suits, hats and canes and a riot of colour. There’s a deeply political subtext to the subculture (which emerged under colonial rule) and Ziza’s infectiously energetic quartet show a dance of personality, identity, pride and playfulness, with high-stepping footwork, gentlemanly gestures and a lot of fun and funk."

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Kate Craddock 
Gateshead International Festival of Theatre

Dandyism was such a vibrant and unexpected encounter, operating on lots of levels. It was both powerfully political and yet totally accessible and uplifting. It was wonderful seeing how the audiences around me were transfixed and how playful the performers were in their interactions. Locating the work in multiple public settings in Sunderland was really exciting, and ensured the piece reached audiences who might not have otherwise encountered this work.


Stella Hall
Artistic Director, Festival of Thrift Redcar

This is a note to thank you for your fabulous contribution to Festival of Thrift’s success this year. The show was really tight, professional, and managed to be both exuberant and joyful – and deeply moving. The audience feedback we’ve had for Dandyism has been amazing  with huge numbers saying it was their favourite thing in the Festival.

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Helen Green 
Director Performing Arts & Programme Director, Sunderland Culture

Dandyism was both a visual and choreographic treat that brought something really different to Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens as part of Black History Month.  The performance was high quality and engaged an extremely varied half term audience with many children fascinated by the dance and the costumes.  


Brendan Murphy, Musician, Parent, Audience Member 

 I just wanted to say congratulations for your show on Tuesday. It really was a joyful celebration. Like no other dance show I've seen. The feeling of inclusion and generosity that the you give off was a lovely surprise.  It would've been easy to create something self-congratulatory and egocentric with such wonderful costumes, but I really felt like we were invited to join the celebration with you three. Almost as though the clothes were ours too. It's a very subtle but important trait to find in a show. It's a fab show. 

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Carolyn Sayer, Benfield School

The performance and workshop yesterday were excellent, the kids really enjoyed it! 

I think the students were really intrigued from the outset. From a cultural point of view they were getting a completely different perspective of masculinity and identity to what they are usually exposed to.