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The goal 


I am on a lifelong quest for connections and synergies between various environments, and the impacts they may have on shaping our identities, which are expressed, but also much too often repressed and questioned.

I am interested in exploring human experiences and how individuals navigate a persistently changing environment.


I have been told that my work helps to promote individual reflection, critical thinking and even a form of self-therapy. Creating a friendly and inspiring space for thoughts to form, emerge and discussions to take place is an important and very rewarding aspect of my work.

Photo: Patryk Kasprzak

Workshop/Teaching Experience 


A Playful Portion, Dance City (MA) Advanced Dance... Shipley Art Gallery (2022)

In recent years I have been closely associated with Dance City, based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. My journey with Dance City started in September 2010 when I was employed to deliver community classes organised by Dance City (at a time when I was studying for my Dance degree at University of Sunderland).


Dance City is a place where my artistic journey begun and where I eventually had an opportunity to create commissioned work, supported by both Dance City and Arts Council England. Dance City functioned as the main venue for me to carry out research and development for my practice.


My relationship with Dance City is still ongoing as I regularly receive invitations to act as guest choreographer to teach on their BA (Hons) and MA (Hons) programmes.


My two recent bodies of work have involved the MA (Hons) Advanced Dance Performance (2022) and 2nd year BA (Hons) Dance Easter Break Show (2023)

A Playful Portion 'Trailer',  Shipley Art Gallery (2022)

Video P Ziza

Length: 2mins 52secs

In the period of 2013-2018, I taught on the Dance BA Honours Degree programme at the University of Sunderland, which I myself completed in 2011.


I started teaching at Sunderland while I was enrolled on the PGCE teacher-training programme, ultimately acting as an associate lecturer on various dance modules over a span of five years. As part of my role, I also delivered workshops in the local colleges, schools and community organisations associated with the university, where performing arts subjects were delivered.


I worked closely with students to create original dance pieces and I provided both formative and summative feedback.

Photo: Luke Waddington


My creative approach encopasses a range of engaging activities. They are carefully designed to include people of different needs, ability and from all works of life. Workshops can also be tailored to specific needs where I work closely with institutions or creative organisations to realise a comprehensive and bespoke plan.


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