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Breath Quartet: We Have Always Walked (Spring Equinox 2024). Photo: James Merrell.

Formed during my time at Royal College of Art, Breath Quartet is a site specific installation and improvisational collaboration between myself, Margot Wilson, Marcus Herne and James Merrell.  The physical body enters altered state through experimental and traditional tantric and shamanic breathing practices. Invoking ancestral voices, rhythms and spiral flow that circulate through the body.  

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 15.35.36.png
Breath Quartet: Winter Solstice 2024 (Extended). Photo: James Merrell 
Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 15.42.02.png
Breath Quartet: First Improv. Session 2023. Photo: James Merrell 


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Pulling Vulva 2024

Myself and Corey met while studying at RCA. We gravitated toward each other as we are both interested in engaging with drag in our creative  work.  We had numerous conversation surrounding our love of drag and its current standing in the popular culture.  During our discussion, we felt that despite the popularity of drag, there seem to be a lack of inclusion particularly in the communities where the subjugation of women is still rife. In this early phase of the project, our initial themes revolved around the sociocultural standards of beauty imposed on women. There was a desire to start the research within our cultural and traditional backgrounds. Through the art of drag we wanted to honour and celebrate women but most crucially to shed light on some of the traditions and harmful initiations experienced by women.  

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Screenshot 2024-04-07 at
Pulling Vulva 2024

Featured Performer

As an active performer, I continue to participate in my creative projects and have performed in a range of other dance and visual arts projects for different artists including ‘Into The Light LGBT50’ for Hull UK City of Culture 2017 by Gary Clark; ‘A Blighted Life’ by Gavin Coward in 2016; ‘Foreign Bodies’ by Ella Mesma 2017, Alexandra Pirici: 2017 “Aggregate (Germany),” 2021 “Terraform Germany/Korea” and 2022 Encyclopaedia Of Relations (Venice Biennale).”  

Venice 2022.png
Familiy Affair_edited.jpg
Photo: Chris Bishop (PUG Party At GIFT)
Encyclopedia of Relations, Venice (2022)
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