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Navis (2024)
Video: James Merrell
beauty of the rwandan volcanos.jpg
beauty of the rwandan volcanos.jpg

 Multidisciplinary Performance Artist 

Born in Rwanda, I am a contemporary art practitioner currently based in London and Newcastle. My practice engages with mediums of performance, installation, sound, movement and voice. I create a variety of work that explores various themes related to the ever-changing world. My work shifts and evolves depending on many factors though the consistent quest to examine and research beauty remains a fascination in all of my art.


My practice relies largely on experimental approach to finding new possibilities, engaging with themes that confront and challenge conventions, beliefs, as well as questioning binary and cultural norms. I am particularly interested in the concept of ‘otherness,’ and how to assert it to occupy spaces for representation, visibility and owning one’s voice.    


My work embodies the raw, unrefined energy and expressive dynamism of vast personal experiences. It can be described as a symphony and cacophony of sights and sounds, inspired by both my African heritage and the Western environment in which I live; thus, bridging the gap between the two cultures,  enabling them to coexist and intersect.

My projects seek to engage with universal themes, delving into societal, religious and political structures that constrain us more often than benefitting us. Through various creative mediums, my art thrives in both conventional and unconventional settings, in hopes to promote visibility and accessibility.

I endeavour to create stimulating, eclectic and entertaining pieces that challenge preconceived notions of gender, beauty, spirituality, sense of belonging as well as humour, addressing issues such as African diaspora and the discourse around blackness in the West.  

  Photo: Adam Goodwin
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