I was born in Rwanda and moved to Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England when I was 17. After completing my BA at University of Sunderland, I began to teach both on university dance courses and in the community, travelling across Europe to work with a diverse range of practitioners and performing in the UK for contemporary choreographers including Gary Clark, Ella Mesma and Martin Hylton.  


I became more and more... READ MORE 

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“Dandyism” is inspired by the gentlemen of the Congo. The appropriation of the 18th Century French and English Dandy’s flamboyance by African men was a defence and a provocation against slavery, described by some as a resistance movement.  By the 1960’s... READ MORE


Family Affair

Family Affair is a live, solo dance performance incorporating drawing and film by regional film-maker, Adam Goodwin. Family Affair delves into the conflict that a person of African heritage often experiences when 21st century western cultural ways of living clash with their traditional African family values. The idea behind this work is... READ MORE



  • Summer Streets Festival 2020
    13 Sep 2020, 20:17
    How to become a Dandy Film with Patrick Ziza plus Yegoko - What's Going On? Film