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Ziza Ngabonziza


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  Photo: Monika Kasprzak

Born in Rwanda, Ziza is a contemporary art practitioner currently based in London and Newcastle. His practice engages with mediums of performance, installation, sound, movement and vocal techniques.  He creates a variety of work that explore various themes related to his ever-changing world. His work shifts and evolves depending on many factors, though the consistent quest to examine and to research beauty remains a fascination in all his work.


Ziza’s practice relies largely on experimental approach to finding new possibilities, engaging with themes that confront and challenge conventions, beliefs, as well as questioning binary and cultural norms. He is particularly interested in the concept of ‘otherness,’ and how to assert it to occupy spaces for representation, visibility and owning one’s voice.    


His work embodies the raw, unrefined energy and expressive dynamism of vast personal experiences or affairs that interest him. Ziza describes his work as both a symphony and cacophony of sights and sounds, possessing an array of creative experiences that are inspired by both his African heritage and the Western environment in which he lives. Thus, creating a dynamic environment for the two cultures to coexist and intersect.

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“Dandyism” is inspired by the gentlemen of the Congo. The appropriation of the 18th Century French and English Dandy’s flamboyance by African men was a defence and a provocation against slavery, described by some as a resistance movement.  By the 1960’s... READ MORE

Photo: Roswitha Chesher, GDIF
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Around the world, the decisions that need to be made to address the challenges of climate change are led by “monochromed businessmen in monochromed suits” with all the usual formalities of political debate & vested interests.  Yet we have seen how communities can come together to protest, apply pressure, collaborate, be inspired and celebrate their shared concerns for humanity.... READ MORE

Photo: Tracey Kidd (Festival of Thrift 2021)

Family Affair

Family Affair is a live, solo dance performance.  Family Affair delves into the conflict that a person of African heritage often experiences when 21st century western cultural ways of living clash with their traditional African family values. The idea behind this work is... READ MORE

  Photo: Ashley Karrell 


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