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Family Affair is a consultation on how to support and address the clash of western and African cultures, values and behaviours that creates such a challenge to young Africans growing up in the UK.  It is also a dialogue between the older and younger generations on these issues.  Although the work is specifically targeting ‘2nd generation immigrants’ from African communities, at the heart of it is “inclusion”.  The workshops also provide an opportunity to look at parallel issues in non-African communities with “acceptance” within families.  


Workshops are available from 40 mins to half days, bespoke to your requirements.



  • Identity

  • Family

  • Culture

  • Gender

  • Sexuality

  • Values

  • Age

  • Expectation



Workshops can include:

  • a short performance of an excerpt from Family Affair

  • a discussion on African and western family values and behaviours

  • create your own short movement/text/films on the theme of family and inclusion


Access: All workshops are inclusive and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the participants. 


Age appropriateness: 11+. No upper limit.


Technical: Access and enough space for the participants to move around in.


Fees: dependent on duration and content of workshops. Guide price: £350 per half day (2.5hrs)


If you want to know more or have a chat to us about what would work for your group please contact or complete and submit the contact form below.


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  Photo: Ashley Karrell 
Photo: Chris Bishop (PUG Party At GIFT)
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