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Photo: Roswitha Chesher, GDIF

Dandyism is a celebration of style and cool as well as a concern for humanism, gender and identity in our increasingly divided society. Dandyism is a celebration of culture and flamboyance. The male “Congo Sapeurs” have been joined by Les Sapeuses in the latter part of the 20th Century; young female Kinshasans who view the inherited traditions of “The Girl Dandy” as a means of escape from rigid gendered roles and expectations. 


Workshops are available from 40 mins to half days, bespoke to your requirements.

Inclusion of workshops and residencies can contribute to Arts Awards certificates at all levels.


  • Identity

  • Politics

  • Fashion

  • Gender

  • Sexuality



Workshops can include:

  • a short performance of an excerpt from Dandyism

  • film footage of the Real Dandies of the Congo/ Girl Dandies

  • a discussion on fashion and politics

  • an opportunity to try on some of the costumes and accessories

  • learn some of the Dandy’s movement

  • create your own Dandy’s moves


Access: All workshops are inclusive and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the participants.  


Age appropriateness: 8+. No upper limit.


Technical: Access to a screen which can be used to show film/video footage is desirable as well as enough space for the participants to move around in.


Fees: dependent on duration and content of workshops. Guide price: £350 per half day (2.5hrs)

If you want to know more or have a chat to us about what would work for your group please contact 

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