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Domesteeque has received R&D funding from Without Walls, Arts Council England National Lottery Projects and Festival of Thrift.

  Photos: Rosawith Cheshire, GDIF

Patrick Ziza’s “Dandyism” creates work that, through the Dandy style, challenges perceptions of people of colour in UK society as well as, more generally, exploring identity, encouraging people to express their inner Dandy as a statement of “we are here”.

"Domesteeque' takes the concept of Dandyism further, creating a space for public forum and community gatherings.


Around the world, the decisions that need to be made to address the challenges of climate change are led by “monochromed businessmen in monochromed suits” with all the usual formalities of political debate & vested interests.  Yet we have seen how communities can come together to protest, apply pressure, collaborate, be inspired and celebrate their shared concerns for humanity.  

Domesteeque presents the public forum as run by the Dandies; with humour, flamboyance, colour, noise, theatricalities, the beauty of body language, entertaining yet provoking thought and reaction. It invites the audience to participate in the debate, to dance, to sing, and to celebrate the oneness of “community”.


Domesteeque centres around a large tree, often recognised as the heart of the community in African culture.  It is the place where people meet socially, debate or argue, where people fall in love, dance and sing, children play and the future of the village is decided upon.

It's democracy, run by the Dandies.  

The production will be ready to tour festivals and outdoor locations from 2023.

Watch this space. 


And if you are interested in becoming a funding partner or booking this show please let us know by emailing  

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