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A Guide to Becoming a Dandy

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Tracey Kidd, Festival of Thrift

“ Dandyism is an expression of individuality. It is inspired by the gentlemen of the Congo known as Les Sapeurs.  Since the 1960’s Dandyism has become an international phenomenon.  


In the "A Guide to Becoming a Dandy"  workshops the Dandies invite participants to learn more about where Dandyism comes from, encouraging them to re-invent themselves, exploring their individuality, their aspirations and throwing away any social norms.


The  Dandies will offer advice on how the participants can dress like a Dandy, to use what they wear as a form of self expressions. They will learn some cool dance moves and poses to complete their transformation into a Dandy. And even better, once they have discovered their inner Dandy, participants can have a go at walking the runway.

"A Guide to Becoming a Dandy" is a bespoke programme built around what you need.  It can be delivered in one day or over a longer period of time.  It is up to you how many Dandies you have at your workshops although we recommend more than one Dandy for groups bigger than 10.

Prices range dependent on whether you want a "Dandy in a Day" workshop or whether you want a fuller workshop programme resulting in a community runway performance and whether you need one Dandy or more.

Workshops are suitable for age 8 to 108, any ability, gender, race, sexuality - everyone welcome - so long as they are willing to have a go and have fun.

What we need from you:

  • a good size room to work in with enough room for participants to strut, dance, move around

  • access to second hand clothes and accessories, for example, a partnership with a local charity shop, or willingness by participants to raid the back of their wardrobe for long forgotten clothes and items they can adapt and upcycle

If you want to know more or have a chat to us about what would work for your group please contact 

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