• Dandysim on tour involves four performers and a producer or stage manager

  • Duration of each performance is 22 minutes. We can perform twice in a day with additional walk-about if required

  • We prefer a minimum performance space of 8m x 8m, with a flat, clean and dry surface but can be adaptable

  • Our costumes are elaborate and need to be looked after. A dressing room or private area to dress in is required with the ability to hang our costumes

  • A PA system to play our music

  • Walk-about or audience join-in dancing is available

  • We are always grateful if the programming organisation can provide a chair, a bench and a coat or hat stand at the location

  • Travel cost for five people and overnight accommodation if required are additional to performance fees. Per diems are always a treat

  • Parking for a van please

For more information or to enquire about availability please complete the CONTACT US box below or email patriciastead@hotmail.com

Photo: Roswitha Chesher, GDIF