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I am multidisciplinary performing artist and a dance theatre maker of Rwandan heritage. I create a variety of work that explores the themes of African tradition, and cultural norms, investigating the effect they have on people from the global south who were born or have lived in the western communities most of their lives.  

My art seeks to engage with less conventional performance settings and platforms to promote visibility and accessibility. I strive to create thought provoking and inclusive pieces which challenge the preconceived ideologies regarding issues such as black masculinity/ black African people (amongst many other). 

I endeavour to implement approaches that encourage artists and people from the global south to come forward in hopes of sharing their diverse and culturally rich skills and activities across both professional and community engagement settings.   

kategreenphotog DX Smithfield-072.jpg
Photo: Adam Goodwin

As an active performer, I continue to participate in my own projects such Dandyism since 2018 and have performed in a range of other dance and visual arts projects for different artists including ‘Into The Light LGBT50’ for Hull UK City of Culture 2017 by Gary Clark; ‘A Blighted Life’ by Gavin Coward in 2016; ‘Foreign Bodies’ by Ella Mesma 2017, Alexandra Pirici: 2017 “Aggregate (Germany),” 2021 “Terraform Germany/Korea” and 2022 Encyclopaedia Of Relations (Venice Biennale).”  

Photo: Kate Green (DX Smithfield)
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